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UAM Activation Development

UAM Feasibility Study

eVertiSKY collaborates with primary stakeholders through a 5 stages development to identify, simulate, and activate UAM ground assets and airspace corridors. Each study employs a forensic process to develop the vision, policy, and infrastructure in alignment with regulatory standards. 

Phase 1


Understanding stakeholder requirements enables eVertiSKY to tailor the Vertiport Development to meet their specific needs. 

This customization ensures that the final outcome aligns with stakeholder expectations and maximizes the potential benefits for all parties involved.

Phase 4


Aerospace Engineering

UAM Airspace Structures


Dedicated to airspace structures, this phase meticulously evaluates their suitability for urban air mobility operations. 

It ensures compatibility with regulatory demands, and airspace integration, while optimizing safety and efficiency for the envisioned air mobility corridor infrastructure.

Phase 2

Public Sentiment

Public sentiment is central to the UAM Feasibility Study for Vertiport Development.

Our approach blends comprehensive data analysis, active stakeholder interaction, and community insight, crafting a vision for urban air mobility embraced by the whole community.

Phase 4


UAM Infrastructure 


Infrastructure design is of utmost importance, ensuring a Vertiport is tailored to meet specific needs. 


Our process considers site constraints, operational potential, and stakeholder requirements, resulting in an optimal, sustainable urban air mobility setup.

Phase 3

Built Environment

Analyzing physical and airspace structures forms a critical part of the process.


Through this data-driven exploration, we identify key opportunities and potential obstacles, ensuring a functional and efficient urban air mobility infrastructure.

Phase 5


Includes a controlled release of the urban air mobility system for thorough testing and validation. 

This careful, iterative approach ensures a smooth transition to full-scale implementation, guaranteeing operational efficiency and successful deployment of the system.


Changing the future of transportation means thinking differently.

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